How to install Webmin in Ubuntu

Webmin is a web based GUI for system administration.
It give you a comprehensive system configuration tool for Linux.
Following functions can be done with Webmin in Linux;

Network configuration
System backup
Database management
Web server
Bandwidth monitoring
Password changing
Mail server etc.

You can see standard modules in Webmin


Download Webmin package from here
Choose .deb package for Ubuntu and Debian Linux.

Double click on the package. It will download dependencies from Internet.

Open any of the  following address in your browser after completing the installation process.


Use your  Linux user name and password for login to webmin.

Login screen

Home Page of Webmin

You can execute many Linux related jobs without using commands with the help of Webmin.


  1. hi intersting your post
    but i need to install in a server with Debian this app.: Teamviewer but i dont know how, because in terminal i cant, so i think if i would try install form webmin. can you help me???

    1. You can install any .deb file using gdebi installer.
      First install gdebi,

      apt-get install gdebi

      Then right click *.deb file and open using gdebi.