New Version of LibLiveCD - DSpace, Koha & Drupal

New release of LibLiveCD version 1.3. This version of CDROM is made available today on

 The current version of LibLiveCD contains lUbuntu 12.04 LTS, DSpace-1.8.2,
Koha-3.8.6 & Drupal-7.16. All these three software are pre-configured and
pre-installed on a livecd. The total size of the LibLiveCD is 696 MB.
Drupal Content Management Open Source Software is added considering the
requirements of libraries to create their library websites with dynamic

Along with DSpace, Koha & Drupal the CD also contains following server
related software preinstalled and pre configured such as:-

 Apache2 Web Server, OpenSSH Server, VSFTP Server, MySQL Server, PostGreSQL
Server, Dovecot/Exim4

Mail Server, SquirrelMail Web Mail Client and Minimum desktop environment.

 To input multilingual data in DSpace/Koha, IBUS input method is also
installed on the CD. Teamviewer 7 is pre installed to share desktop,
Abiword for editing/reading word documents, gnumeric for using spread
sheets, vim/medit/gedit for text editing and epdfview for reading PDF files.

 Openoffice/Libreoffice and multimedia related software are excluded
from the CD and these can easily be installed
by running "System Tools-Synaptic Package Manager".  If the synaptic
?reload? does not work try changing
repositories links to instead of and then search and install any other software required.

lUbuntu operating system (Lightweight Operating System) is chosen
considering requirements from libraries where libraries have low configuration desktops in their libraries but still wish to initiate their library web sites,
complete library automation as well as wish to create digital libraries.

Please follow proper installation steps to install livecd if you wish
to have dual boot i.e. windows as well as linux installation on your machines.

If you are installing livecd on a machine which is running under proxy
and if you are unable to browse Internet then on every boot you will have to manually set current date and time. To set current date and time manually run the following command on every boot to set systems current date and time.

root@localhost:date -s "09 NOV 2012 03:35:00"

Please change current date and time as above so that machines behind
proxies can run Internet successfully.

Please write to dlrg at
<> for any