How to uninstall Ubuntu One

Ubuntu One is a cloud storage service operated by Canonical Ltd. Canonical announced that they are going to shut down the service. Ubuntu One service is integrated with Ubuntu Operating system. You can remove Ubuntu One packages by apply following commands in a terminal.

sudo apt-get autoremove ubuntuone-client python-ubuntuone-control-panel

Clean system cache 
sudo apt-get autoremove
sudo apt-get autoclean

Remove Micromax MAD application

MAD application available with Micromax is a disturbance while dialing numbers. In normal case, Micromax does not allow to uninstall MAD application. You can uninstall MAD application after rooting your phone using King Root.

First of all install King Root application.

Open King User application and goto KingTool > Uninstall Tool 
Find MAD app from the list and uninstall.

How to root Android Jelly Bean and Kit Kat using King Root

King Root is an ideal tool to root your Android phone. Download King Root .apk file from this link and install.

Run King Root application.

Click on Root button. It take sometime for the rooting process.

A blue bar appear after finishing the process. Click on blue button.
Restart phone. 

Caution:  This application may not work with all phone brands. You can try various tools like Framaroot and KingoRoot. If these tools does not work with your phone model, search in google to get a solution. Most of the phones have already rooted and you can find detailed documentation with the help of google.