Install Samsung ML-1676P laser printer on Ubuntu

Samsung ML-1676P is one of the  popular printer. A different method is essential to install Linux driver on Ubuntu.

1. Download ML-1670spl.ppd and rastertosamsungsplc (32bit and 64bit) files. Check your machine type (32bit or 64bit) and download appropriate rastertosamsungsplc utility. Copy files to home folder.

2. Connect Samsung ML-1676P print to the computer.

2. Go to Applications > System Tools > System settings > Printers

3. Click on Add New printer and proceed with the installation steps.
In the stage of choose a driver for your printer.
Select the PPD file (ML-1670spl.ppd) option on the driver selection window in the printer application.

4. Copy rastertosamsungsplc to /usr/lib/cups/filter/ in home folder of computer.

sudo su
mv rastertosamsungsplc /usr/lib/cups/filter/

The installation finished. Try to make a print out.

Information courtesy: Thejaswi Puthraya

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