Create Ubuntu Live DVD using Pinguy Builder

Remastersys was one of the best tool for live DVD creation. Remastersys project seized and not available now. Now Pinguy Builder available for this purpose. Pinguy Builder developed from Remastersys source code. So Pinguy Builder is very easy to use tool for live dvd creation.

I tried to build Live DVD from Ubuntu MATE Linux. MATE Desktop available with this Ubuntu distro. MATE desktop gives classic look, not like Unity.

Speed up your Ubuntu Linux

Ubuntu loaded with Unity desktop. Unity consume a big part of computer resources due to its graphical intensive desktop. Many ways users can make fast the Ubuntu operating system.

Install GNOME Flash back Desktop over Unity Desktop
Unity desktop of Ubuntu eat lot of computer resources. Install GNOME Flash back desktop.

Install Malayalam fonts in Ubuntu 16.04

Package ttf-malayalam-fonts replaced by  fonts-smc fonts-samyak-mlym fonts-mlym fonts-lohit-mlym in Ubuntu 16.04.

See the chillu (ചില്ല്) letter (ല്ല) before and after installation of Malayalam fonts.

Open a Terminal and apply following commands,

sudo su
apt-get install fonts-smc fonts-samyak-mlym fonts-mlym fonts-lohit-mlym

To get more Malayalam fonts, visit