Create Ubuntu Live DVD using Pinguy Builder

Remastersys was one of the best tool for live DVD creation. Remastersys project seized and not available now. Now Pinguy Builder available for this purpose. Pinguy Builder developed from Remastersys source code. So Pinguy Builder is very easy to use tool for live dvd creation.

I tried to build Live DVD from Ubuntu MATE Linux. MATE Desktop available with this Ubuntu distro. MATE desktop gives classic look, not like Unity.

1. Download and install Ubuntu MATE version either 14.04 or 16.04.

2. Download Pinguy Builder package. Choose appropriate version. Read the instructions in the download page first. Pinguy Builder Version 4 works with Ubuntu 16.04 and select version 3 for Ubuntu 14.04.

3. Install Pinguy Builder.
Open terminal and install the package.

sudo su
dpkg -i pinguybuilder*

The package required dependancy files. The command execution will end with error messages. Try to install dependency files,

apt-get install -f

Pinguy Builder can find in System > Administration after installation.

4. Prepare system for Live DVD creation (Add and remove applications).
5. Build Live DVD using backup/Dist option.


  1. how to create live cd of koha 17.05.04

    1. It seems that the Pinguy builder does not work with Ubuntu 16.04.
      So we can't build Live DVD of Koha 17.05. Installation of Koha is easy now.

    2. pinguy builder worked in ubuntu 17.04, i create live cd, but no seen the koha in web browser while i used the cd in live.