Install Debian 9 Stretch (Screenshots)

Debian 9, release name 'Stretch' released on June 17, 2017. ISO images are available at
Here I am used Debian 9 with XFCE Desktop.

Download and burn the iso file in a CD/DVD/pen drive. Change the boot option of the PC and boot into Debin DVD.
Graphical install is good for newbies.

Select your language.

Choose your country. 

Here is the keyboard selection. American English keyboard is popular.

You can choose a different host name.

If you don't know the domain, leave it blank.

Enter root password and write down in a paper and keep it secret!!

Enter a new username.

Password for the username.

Partition of hard disk.

Partition section, be careful. If you devote one PC for Linux, choose 'Use entire disk' option. This will erase all your hard disk including your default operating system.

All files in one partition ideal for Linux newbies. 

If select Yes, all packages download from the Internet. It takes a lot of time to finish the installation.

With this step, installation finished.

Log in using the normal username and password created at the time of installation. You can't log in using root username.

Select "Use default config".
Debian 9 Linux installation video

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