Empower your Netbook using Linux

Netbook has now become a major segment of the computer market. Netbooks are miniature of laptops and less powerful. If you are not a power user, no need to buy a powerful and costly laptop. The price of Netbook is affordable to everybody's pocket; especially for students and research scholars. The users can buy from the price range between Rs. 12000 to 20000. Netbooks are lightweight and convenient to carry while travelling. Renowned brands like Dell, HP, Asus and Acer have Netbook range of products.

  • Netbooks are enough for basic computing purposes like net browsing, word processing, audio and video playing.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry. 1.25 kg is the average weight of a Netbook.
  • Very compact size; the screen size between 11 to 12 inches. Easy to fit into the backpack.
  • Long battery life.
The processor power of Netbook not able to handle games and other powerful computing tasks. Netbooks often powered by less powerful processors like Intel Celeron.
Netbook has no DVD drive.

How to buy
Online stores showcase Netbooks of all brands. If you have patience, wait for offer time at online stores. Buy a case along with the netbook from the online store.

With or without an operating system?
Netbooks are available preloaded with operating systems; Windows/Linux/FreeDOS. Netbooks can perform well with Linux. Windows is not essential for your work, avoid to buy Netbook preloaded Windows. Preloaded Windows will increase the cost of minimum Rs. 4000 extra. Buy Netbook with Linux/FreeDOS (no extra cost for the operating system) and install a lightweight Linux like Lubuntu/Bodhi Linux. Lubuntu and Bodhi consume only very little computing power and can give good battery life. Netbook has no DVD drive and write the Linux image in a pen drive or use an external DVD drive.

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