More Ubuntu based distros

Most of the people are familiar with Ubuntu Linux. But, many people want more customizations in Ubuntu for their requirements.
Customizations in look and feel, applications and more device drivers is needed.
Some people want a fast Ubuntu for the laptop and low resource PC. Lack of know how and good Internet speed prevent common users to customize their Ubuntu. I found many Ubuntu based customized distros suitable to cater your requirements. These Ubuntu based distributions are ready to use, no need to install additional multimedia codecs and applications.

Linux Mint

Mature Ubuntu based Linux. Available with Gnome, KDE, XFCE, LXDE, Open Box desktop. There is an application available with Linux Mint to install your Wireless driver. Multimedia codecs and Flash preloaded.


The GUI is customised well using Conky and Docky. Many useful applications filled with PinguyOS. Torrent is available for fast downloading.


Many useful applications prepacked with this Ubuntu based OS.
Available with Gnome, XFCE and LXDE  desktop.

Element OS

Element OS is a 32 bit Xubuntu based distro for home theatre PCs.


Bodhi is a super fast Linux using Enlightenment lightweight Desktop.
Enlightenment need only minimum resources to run, so it can alive your old PC.

Zorin OS
This Ubuntu based distro is suitable for new comers to Linux.

Dream Linux
Very user friendly and fast linux based on Debian.

Linux is a garden, various distros are flowers in the garden. Free Software culture encourage creativity and diversity.

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