Tasksel: an easy walk tool with Linux

Tasksel is a tool which available with Linux which helpful to install a bunch (related) of packages. If a user wants to install LAMP (Apache, MySQL, PHP) package, need to apply the command to install individual applications. With the help of Tasksel, the user can select and install LAMP package from GUI.

Tasksel is very useful to select and install the desired desktop package while working with Debian/Ubuntu. For example, Tasksel can help the user to install a new desktop like Ubuntu MATE/Xubuntu desktop. Otherwise, the user needs to apply the concerned command to install Ubuntu MATE minimum desktop.

Another use of Tasksel is with the selection of desktop while the installation of Debian/Ubuntu from minimal CD. The CD contains the minimum software packages to start the installation. Minimal image of Debian and Ubuntu is helpful for the installation of Linux from scratch. The user can select and install the fresh package of desktop and other utilities. Here is the download page of Debian and Ubuntu Minimal CD,

Installation of Tasksel
The following command will install Tasksel,

sudo apt-get install tasksel

How to launch Tasksel

sudo su

Mouse can't use with Tasksel. Use Down and Up arrow to scroll through the packages list. Use Spacebar to select the package. Press Tab button to confirm the selection and start the installation of packages using Tasksel.

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